Canon 24mm f1.2

Craig: Another on my seemingly ever expanding wish list was the Canon L series 24mm f1.4 lens. I recently promoted this lens from wish list to purchase list. Aesthetically it is once again rather pleasing to the eye and with its chunky features, fits beautifully onto my 1D MK3. Enough with the pleasantries, I was chomping at the bit to take the lens into the field to put it through its paces. Although I have a wider lens in the 16-35mm f2.8, it was the large aperture I was fascinated by. I was especially intrigued by the Bokeh I could expect with such a shallow depth of field. Of course I once again needed a willing volunteer to assist as my subject. Having excelled in previous photo shoots, Marley was once again called upon to help with the task at hand.

We set off up Box Hill in the afternoon sun. When photographing Marley I find it a great benefit if I take along some treats to get his attention. I’m convinced he’s become indignant at being used as my personal guinea pig. None the less, the show must go on. Using a large aperture makes getting the eyes in focus a relatively tricky task, especially considering that Marley doesn’t hold a pose for any decent stretch of time. Fortunately the 1D MKIII allows you to make micro adjustments for each lens you attach. I was therefore able to compensate for his nose getting into focus, blurring his eyes by making the necessary adjustments. As we know a picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ve attached a few thousand words of Marley.

The condensed version would be as follows:
What an amazing lens.
The Bokeh is marvelously creamy , focusing is relatively fast while the image is sharp even when the aperture is wide open. I’m certainly looking forward to getting the most out of this lens whenever the opportunity presents itself. Once again, for its intended purpose, it is only restricted in its capacity by the limitations of the user.

Chanelle: Some fun names I found about Poodle Crosses on ChoosingADogBreed
There are many Poodle Mix Dogs. Here at ChoosingADogBreed we have compiled a list of some of our favourites:

* St Berdoodle (St Bernard / Standard Poodle)
* Giant Schnoodle (Giant Schnauzer / Standard Poodle)
* Bossi-Poo (Boston Terrier / Poodle)
* Pootalian (Italian Greyhound / Poodle) – That’s Marley!
* Westiepoo, pictured above (West Highland Terrier / Poodle)
* Whoodle (Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier / Poodle)
* Weimardoodle (Weimaraner / Poodle)
* Sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog / Standard Poodle)
* Shih-Poo (Shih-Tzu / Poodle)
* Pekapoo (Pekingese / Poodle)
* Labradoodle (Labrador / Poodle)

Pootallian Canon 24mm f1.2 lens Review
Pootallian Canon 24mm f1.2 lens Review
Pootallian Canon 24mm f1.2 lens Review
Pootallian Canon 24mm f1.2 lens Review
Pootallian Canon 24mm f1.2 lens Review

  1. Parity on October 20, 2010 at 9:33 am

    Wow! Marley is awesome.. (Great pics by the way)

    Would you please get in touch with me? I’m considering putting a poodle over my Italian greyhound to make more Pootalians.

    It would be great to converse with you regarding Marley’s temperament. Can you email me?

    More Pootalians to the world 🙂

  2. Lisa on October 24, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    Hi Craig and Chanelle,
    I just wanted to tell you what fantastic photographs these are! I also have a pootalian who is terribly hard to photograph, because she is also black. She looks exactly like Marley, it is really amazing. I trim her silver tips off, except for her topknot, but after seeing Marley, may reconsider. Her dogster page is
    if you’d like to see her.
    Again, beautiful photos!

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