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Claire first emailed me from Hong Kong after seeing Jennifer & Joey’s pre-wedding shoot in Cambridge. I had literally blogged it that day and she found us through her searches half way across the world – got to love the internet! Mark is originally from Singapore and Claire is from Saffron Walden and grew up playing in the grounds of English Heritage Site, Audley End House where they where to be married. I met the couple for the first time on their wedding day and was struck by their closeness and the sincere speeches given during the reception. There was a slight spanner in thrown into the proverbial works two weeks prior to the wedding. I had found a second photographer to do the wedding with me as on this occasion Craig was unable to shoot with me. Unfortunately my photographer had an accident and fell off her horse damaging her hand and rendered her unable to operate her camera! This incident really drove home the importance of having a good, reliable network of talented wedding photographer friends on hand who can step up to the plate and help out in just such an emergency. A huge thank-you to Rosie Parsons for being that person. I will certainly be returning the favour if needed in the future.

What an honor it was to be able to shoot the very last wedding to ever be held at Audley End House!

Wedding Planner – Claire Dobbison at Kiss The Frog
Church – St Mary’s Church, Saffron Waldon
Reception Venue at English Heritage Site – Audley End House
Music by the Cambridge Jazz Co
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Wedding photography Saffron Waldon

Wedding at St Mary\'s church, Saffron Waldon

Audley End House creative wedding shoot

Audley End House Wedding

Wedding photography at Cambridge venue, Audley End House

doumentary photography at Audley End House Cambridge

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