Family Portrait Session in Zimbali

I remember our first trip from the Turks and Caicos to South Africa with Saharah.  She was merely a few months old and the realisation that if things kick off at 37 000ft, we’re pretty limited to the options available to us to try console her.  Luckily the journey went without too much of the aforementioned kicking off.  In fact the flight was fine, it was the waiting to taxi that proved too much for her.  Once in the air though the engine seemed to sooth her.  Crucial piece of advice we were given was to feed Saharah when taking off and landing to equalise her ears.

When I received an enquiry from Mellissa Seebran, who was living in Malaysia, about a family portrait session in Zimbali, I knew she would be playing similar scenarios through her head as we did.  Kyan was 4 months old and as any parent will attest to,  the number one form of communication when your little angel is distressed or uncomfortable is generally a lengthy (minutes seem like hours) outburst to ensure that you and all those within a 500m radius are aware of the situation.  However when I asked how the flight went the response was “Great, Kyan was as good as gold.”  In fact it must be said that Kyan was as good as gold for the entire shoot.  Considering he was in unfamiliar territory, he was full of smiles and giggles.  When kids have had enough of being carted around being photographed by some stranger, they will in no uncertain terms let you know.  Kyan, as if on queue, simply fell asleep…fast asleep.

It’s always nice taking family portraits for people who appreciate photography and are keen photographers as well.  Prasheen and Mellissa showed an enthusiasm to continue with an annual family portrait session wherever they are in the world.  With so many great photographers available, it makes sense to continue documenting your memories.  At the time of writing this blog, the Seebran family is back in Malaysia and the wonderful time they had with their family is merely a memory whose moments are remembered better thanks to their family portrait session in Zimbali

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