Stunning Family Portrait in Oyster Bay

One of the perks of what I do is getting to meet some genuinely awesome families. With such a lovely family, Eduan was after a stunning family portrait in Oyster Bay. It isn’t always sunshine and great weather down by the coast though, and our first scheduled shoot had to be postponed because of the lack of the aforementioned sunshine and great weather. We did manage to find a gap in the wind and the rain though and were blessed with perfect conditions. We decided to do the shoot in the morning, which can be a little tricky during bright blue days. I prefer to have some cloud cover which acts as a diffuser during bright spells. It also adds some detail in the skies which is always nice. It was actually my first visit to Oyster Bay, and subsequently my first photo shoot there. It’s a beautiful little coastal town at the end of a 20km dirt road coming from Humansdorp. It’s blessed with wide open beaches and high rolling sand dunes marching into the cool blue Indian Ocean. A perfect shoot location for a perfect family shoot.