Portrait session with family and friends

Pierre and Anneke were down from Jo’burg with friends and family and realised that a family portrait was long overdue. Pierre is originally from the area and duly pointed out homes he was familiar with as a boy growing up. There’s always a sense of nostalgia returning to old haunts and remembering fond memories associated with growing up. I feel as we travel through this journey called life, we take on the different stages in life as we leave behind old ones behind. I always compare it to a work scenario. On your first day you’re the new kid on the block learning the ropes from your superiors and getting to grips with your new environment. A few months/years go by and a new kid arrives. Suddenly you’ve taken on the role of a superior person teaching knowledge to the newbie, while your superior is eying out management positions. Point I’m trying to make is that we never remain stagnant. One day we get into a position where we need to take what we’ve learned along the way and impart that knowledge. They too will one day be in that very same position, and so your legacy continues. Take the time to document the journey, and if your friends are nearby, get them involved. How blessed I was to be able to capture these moments with two families who also have their children who will no doubt be sharing many happy experiences together.