New Year Family Portrait in St Francis

Lara Van Straaten and her family had their first family portrait session in St Francis one year ago. It was again at Sunset Rock, however this time there was an addition to their family. Young Adam was born in September, 9 months after their first family portrait session. I figure the first family portrait we did together was such a great experience, Riaan and Lara decided it would be even better with an addition to their family 😉 Also along for the occasion was some of Riaan’s family, including his mom. I think it’s vitally important to not only have portraits done of your immediate family, but also of your extended family. We tend to have such busy lives and it’s often overlooked to capture moments with our loved ones. Our kids grow up so fast in front of us and we similarly continue our graceful journey along this path we call life. As sure as there are little fish in the sea, there will come a time where we will look back at the memories we create and remember with great fondness the people we shared those memories with.