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Hurrican Sandy the “Frakenstorm” happened around two weeks ago. There could’t have been a more appropriate real life metaphor for our lives at that time. We where in the midst of our own natural disaster in the form of clearing out our flat in the UK which we had just sold. This involved numerous trips to the charity shop, dump / recycle center and palming things off to unsuspecting friends and neighbors! It is astonishing to see the amount of stuff that we as humans accumulate over the years. Items that really should have been cleared out on a yearly basis. If I can give out one bit of advise to anyone who might be moving home or taking the leap and moving abroad – start now! Each week select a drawer or a cupboard and sort things out over time. We had to make hasty decisions and there is nothing like a two week deadline to get you to really and truly clear things out. There are one or two things which I regret tossing away now though. We had a lovely Christmas tree and decorations which I have found out are very pricy here on the island.

If you haven’t been following us on Facebook or Twitter you may be wondering what on earth is going on here.

We have moved to The Caribbean.

I know! Crazy, isn’t it?

The island we know call home is called Providenciales which is part of The Turks & Caicos Islands. It is just above Cuba if that helps to place us a bit for you. The ocean is the most insane turquoise color and gorgeously warm. We are in winter time now and the temperature is still hovering around 25 degrees and sometimes even warmer on a still cloudless day. Craig and I grew up on the beach and have spent the past 12 years living in the UK. We met some great people, built a business and forged lifelong friendships while we where there but we always knew that we would need to be beside the seaside once again. Growing up in Durban, South Africa we are just used to that sort of lifestyle.

We have joined Tropical Imaging which is a fantastic, established studio here on the island. We met the owner after shooting is brother’s wedding in England and the rest is history! You will notice a logo on the images from now on that have been photographed by us but under the studio name of Brilliant by Tropical Imaging. We will be doing weddings, portraits and commercial work over here.

I have already embarked on an adventure to Salt Cay island to photograph some travel and lifestyle images for a magazine. It was my first time in a small aircraft and it was quiet an experience. The little plane could only take a maximum of 9 passengers! Salt Cay is home to around 60 people and is a tiny little place perfect for that castaway experience. You will not even find a supermarket on Salt Cay and all the residents make a weekly trip by boat to Grand Turk Island to do their weekly shopping. Remember that when your Tesco online shop arrives a few minutes later than scheduled!

Here is a little taster of the types of weddings we are shooting now. Craig and I have been all over the world for destination weddings and each time I would try to see if there was any way we could move to Bali, Mauritius, Cypress… and now here we are in The Caribbean…

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