Family portrait along the Kabeljous

December is always a busy time on the coast with families gathering to spend time with loved ones.  Lloyd and family enjoy the annual pilgrimage from Johannesburg and spend several weeks with family at their folks’ holiday home in J Bay.  Having started their own family, a portrait session for this young one was in order.  Nikolai had only recently started walking, but this didn’t dampen his enthusiasm to cover as much ground as was afforded to him.  A bundle of energy, he was keen to explore his surroundings which included getting into the shallow waters of the warm Kabeljous river.  As a photographer, this is great.  It allows me to keep it simple.  The scene is set, just add toddler.  The evening turned out to be a great one as well.  With overcast conditions, the lighting was great from all angles.  This helps when you have a little one who is more interested in his surroundings than where you think the best light is coming from.

Jeffrey's Bay Family Photographer

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