Whoops, forgot to sync cameras!

I am sure you photographers out there have all done this before. Shooting with more than one camera body or having a second shooter means that we should all sync our camera dates and times BEFORE the wedding. Unfortunately sometimes, as we are all human, we forget. Not to worry – Photomechanic (my favourite for culling images with lightening speed) has a solution for this:

“Adjust Capture Dates and Times”

• First Sort By Serial – this sorts the images by Serial Number on each camera
• Select all images from the camera body you wish to change the time on
• Work out the time difference by checking on the two camera body’s
– mine where 5 minutes out
• Tools menu > Adjust Capture Dates and Times
• I put in -5 minutes (change to suite your times)
• Done!
• Lastly Sort By Capture Time to check that they are now all correctly synced

See the screengrabs of the above steps.

I hope this was helpful, if so please leave a comment as I am thinking of doing more Tips For Photographers.

How to change time of image taken after the shoot
Photomechanic how to change date and time of image taken
how to change date and time of photograph taken after shooting