Wonderful Wedding at Hilton Bush Lodge

I’ve known Tim and Theresa for some time now, but only really got to know them when I was asked to photograph their wonderful wedding at Hilton Bush Lodge.  Actually this is somewhat of a lie.  I’ve always known Tim to be relaxed and pretty chilled.  Theresa I’ve come to learn is a very considerate, organised and meticulous individual.

The drive up to Hilton the day before was a very wet affair.  It was a reminder as to why I insist on staying close to the venue the night before.  I was reminded of a trip I had done while still serving in the Airforce 15 years previous.  We were delivering aircraft fuel to selected Air Operation Areas in KZN and found ourselves along the N2 just past Hilton.  The mist had settled in thick as soup.  We had to drive with our lights on because we couldn’t see more than several metres in front of us, but putting brights on only resulted in severe reflection and an even worse visual.  It was squeaky bum time as we navigated ourselves with a truck full of aircraft fuel along that stretch of road.  If you’re reading this, it means we made it. 

The forecast was not looking splendid for the weekend either and I was wondering what Theresa was thinking.  Tim would be along the lines of “It’s raining, what are you gonna do?”, but a stressed bride is of little more concern to me.  Turns out Theresa wasn’t concerned at all.  Her consideration manifested itself again as her focus was on those people her and Tim chose to surround themselves with.  After all, it was raining, what are you meant to do?  There’s a song about irony lurking around somewhere.  Still, she was marrying her best friend and the weather doesn’t change that.