Holiday Portrait Photography in J Bay

I met first Johan and his family in December 2016 while they were on vacation in Jeffrey’s Bay.  Living in Johannesburg, a trip to the coast is always met with great anticipation.  Unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough for Johan who manages to spend a month at the family holiday home when they do make the 1000km trek south.

Having not seen the family for a year I immediately noticed how much their two boys had grown in my absence.  As parents we don’t always notice the transformation of our growing kids, but it happens and it happens fast.  We cannot control how fast life happens around us.  We can neither slow it down nor speed it up.  It marches on at a constant speed.  The importance of taking stock of what is happening around us and enjoying the life afforded to us with our family is paramount.  If you have a young family you’ll notice occasions such as Xmas, birthdays and first days with your children more regularly.  Sometimes the moments are such that you never want them to end.  You want to hold on to them and never let them end.  But those moments do end and allow us to celebrate the next milestone.

My sincere aspiration is that when looking back at their photos, Johan and his family will remember the great time they had in J Bay and that the images serve as a nostalgic memory of a moment they managed to capture and hold on to.


Family portrait photography Jeffrey's Bay Eastern Cape

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