Family Holiday Portrait Photography in Paradise Beach

During their annual summer holiday, Johann and his young family wanted a memorable family holiday portrait in Paradise Beach. We decided to do the shoot in the morning before it got too hot.

Summertime in South Africa gets quite warm quite quickly, so keeping in mind that the light would be getting brighter with the rising temperature, we headed to the beach. An immediate problem shooting on the beach under said conditions is keeping your subject in good light when they have priorities other than getting the perfect lighting.

There are a number of different strategies associated with working with toddlers, and each of them are are dependant on the individual. What I try to do on each shoot though is not to rush anything. Keep the pace at whatever the toddler is happy with. Expecting someone whose main objective is to have fun while exploring their surroundings to entertain your requests is a lesson in futility.

Keep it Simple. Kids don’t need to be directed. You just need to be ready, keep aware of where the light is coming from and try create some stunning memories.