Destination Wedding at Happy Hippo


It’s been a long journey for Robert and Shannon to get to their dream destination wedding at Happy Hippo. Wedding couples everywhere had their ideal plans delayed thanks to Covid. The wedding industry ground to an immediate halt and during a time of much uncertainty, new plans had to be laid out. As life sometimes…

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Destination Wedding at the Plantation

Marah is another in a long line of beautiful South African ladies who moved away and lost their hearts abroad. She lost her heart to Michael who’s an American doctor in what can be described as a fairytale romance. You know the one where the Doctor falls in love with the Yoga instructor from across…

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Tamlynne and Jacques’ perfect Plantation Wedding

Wedding Photographer at The Plantation

I was really looking forward to Tamlynne and Jacques’ wedding at The Plantation exclusive wedding venue in Lovemore Park.  It was my first wedding there and I really wanted my first time to be special. When I first met the lovely couple at the venue a few weeks before the wedding, I knew immediately their…

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Fred and Charmaine get married on Paradise Beach

It’s your classic girl meets boy adventure.  Charmaine moved from South Africa to Holland in 2011 where she learn’t the language, achieved a degree in International Communications met Fred and the two have been living together for the past 7 years.  Their wedding was planned as a celebration of their relationship and a perfect opportunity…

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Dylan and Andrea’s St Francis Wedding

We all love a good story, and the story of Dylan and Andrea is a great one.  Andrea was in the process of making plans to join her parents in Atlanta, Georgia before meeting Dylan for breakfast for the first time.  It was never supposed to develop into anything serious, but the heart wants what…

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Megan and Mignon get married in Cape St Francis Resort

Having known each other for almost 10 years and been together for three, Megan and Mignon are both super chilled ladies living in Pretoria.  Their souls however are at the beach.  Megan works as a scuba instructor and Mignon as a hair stylist.  Their love of the ocean is paramount and a wedding on the…

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Beach Wedding Venue in the Eastern Cape

St Francis Resort

Beach weddings are a popular option for many couples, and South Africa is blessed with over 2500km of varying coastline.  The Eastern Cape is home to some of the most beautiful of that South African coastline, but what are your options for a beach wedding venue in the Eastern Cape?  Nestled amongst the indigenous fynbos…

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Perfect Beach Wedding Weather in St Francis


I’m somewhat fascinated by cause and effect.  Wings of a butterfly and all that.  We have moments in time that take us along the journey we’re on.  Decisions are based on unknown external influences as well as self inflicted certainties.  We weave ourselves towards where we’re headed with no knowledge of what the future may…

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Quayside Wedding in St Francis

Gareth and Faye are your proverbial Yin and Yang couple.  Gareth is calm and rational to Faye’s wild, dreamy personality.  They are both however involved in helping people achieve their goals and aspirations.  Faye works with children with learning disabilities as an educational psychologist and Gareth works as a Sports Nutritionist whose passion lies in…

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Windy Wedding at Cape St Francis Resort

It was literally love at first sight for Louis and Theresa (Tess), after meeting almost three years ago. Originally from Port Elizabeth, Tess now lives in Johannesburg with Louis. They both love the ocean though, and a wedding at Cape St Francis Resort could not have been more perfect…just don’t mention the wind. The stiff…

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Wonderful Wedding at Hilton Bush Lodge

I’ve known Tim and Theresa for some time now, but only really got to know them when I was asked to photograph their wonderful wedding at Hilton Bush Lodge.  Actually this is somewhat of a lie.  I’ve always known Tim to be relaxed and pretty chilled.  Theresa I’ve come to learn is a very considerate,…

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Amazing Beach Wedding at the Walskipper

If I were to script a wedding, it would not be far off the amazing beach wedding at the Walskipper in J Bay that I enjoyed with Mark, Beda, their close friends and family.  These are definitely my kind of people. Mark and Beda met while doing a few ski seasons in the Italian Alps. …

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Wedding Workflow from Sleeklens

As a photographer I use Adobe Lightroom as my main image editor.  It’s a very powerful program with relative ease of use.  There are also a number of presets available which offer the user a number of themes to choose from.  I was recently introduced to a Wedding Workflow from Sleeklens.  They offer a vast…

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opt for a first look

Turks and Caicos Wedding

There are certain times in a man’s life that he’ll remember forever.  Moments that are etched into his memory and remain clear and focused.  You remember the sights, the sounds, the smells and even the taste of the best of these moments.  All your senses seem to become heightened.  Vision becomes clearer and your heart…

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