Stunning Family Portrait in Oyster Bay


One of the perks of what I do is getting to meet some genuinely awesome families. With such a lovely family, Eduan was after a stunning family portrait in Oyster Bay. It isn’t always sunshine and great weather down by the coast though, and our first scheduled shoot had to be postponed because of the…

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Fun Family Portrait session in J bay


Another beautiful family in another beautiful location. Robyn reached out some time ago enquiring about a fun family portrait session in J Bay. While we were in Cape Town last week for The Cure concert, Robyn reached out again to confirm that I was still available to do her family shoot. Timing could not have…

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Portrait session with family and friends


Pierre and Anneke were down from Jo’burg with friends and family and realised that a family portrait was long overdue. Pierre is originally from the area and duly pointed out homes he was familiar with as a boy growing up. There’s always a sense of nostalgia returning to old haunts and remembering fond memories associated…

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Van Straaten Family portrait at Sunset Rock


The day scheduled for the Van Straaten Family portrait at Sunset Rock had to be postponed due to high winds coming in strong off the Indian Ocean. One of the everyday possibilities when living in the Eastern Cape. In fact the annual St Francis Flash Float also had to be postponed. Like anything in life…

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Cake Smash Celebration at Happy Hippo

Ensuring the milestones of your second born are also celebrated and recorded as abundantly as your first is not an easy task.  The novelty has worn off by the time second born comes along.  What seemed important at first is no longer a priority and through no fault of their own, your second born is…

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Extended family portrait in J Bay


Erin reached out to me after she received her school photos of Caleb I had done recently.  There was an entire family, including grandparents, who Erin wanted to include in her family portrait in J Bay.  Erin and Dennis had moved to J Bay almost two years ago and their parents were not too far…

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Family portrait swap at Kabeljou


As photographers we don’t often find ourselves on the other side of the lens.  When my second photographer, Ernst told us that he was relocating to Cape Town, I figured it would be a great opportunity to do a family portrait swap at Kabeljou.  It definitely gives you a different perspective as a photographer when…

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Family portrait session on the beach


The last time we saw Leigh-Ann and Chris was at a braai in Petts Wood in South East London.  Much had changed since our last meal together.  Having kids is a great indicator of how long it had actually been.  They had increased their clan by two with their daughters Isabella and Matilda, and we…

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Holiday Portrait Photography in J Bay

I met first Johan and his family in December 2016 while they were on vacation in Jeffrey’s Bay.  Living in Johannesburg, a trip to the coast is always met with great anticipation.  Unfortunately it doesn’t happen often enough for Johan who manages to spend a month at the family holiday home when they do make…

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Family portrait along the Kabeljous

December is always a busy time on the coast with families gathering to spend time with loved ones.  Lloyd and family enjoy the annual pilgrimage from Johannesburg and spend several weeks with family at their folks’ holiday home in J Bay.  Having started their own family, a portrait session for this young one was in…

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J Bay Family Portrait

As parents, we’re all too aware of the different social challenges our children have.  Mismanaged social media is a real threat when it comes to what is occupying our children’s time.  I love taking families on a portrait shoot and being reminded that children just want to have fun and it’s up to us to…

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Christmas family portrait session in J Bay


Christmas is associated with quality family time.  When Nanette and her family were together for Christmas for the first time in eight years, it was important to document the occasion with a family portrait session in J Bay.  Bringing four siblings together with their parents and young children is for many not an option available…

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Family Portrait in Ballito


“When are you planning your second?” is a question that gets asked now by friends (and sometimes strangers) who have more than one child.  I was hoping this line of questioning will have ended after getting married and having Saharah.  It seems we’re always playing catch up, though.  Once you’d had one the question is…

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