WordPress SEO and Effective Blogging

The latest stats for my blog are 25264 Visits, 23243 Unique Visitors and 41116 Pageviews. I am doing a select number of one to one sessions with small business owners who want to know more about blogging and how to achieve higher visits and better visibility in Google. Obviously I do need to be selective and I wont be working with 20 wedding photographers who are based down the road from me. I am sure you understand. Two examples of business owners I have worked with are a portrait & wedding photographer based in Australia and an equine photographer based in the New Forest. Please email me and I will asses whether we can work together on this.

I have been getting a lot of Tweets asking for more information from a variety of people including a venue owners, bloggers, wedding planners, cake makers and florists. It is a full day, one to one session. We will work through your WordPress site / blog together and make actual changes to it as we work through the day. You do not need any technical coding knowledge to do this. Everyone should take charge of working on their own SEO on a day to day basis.

Practical SEO Techniques
• Technical guidelines to SEO for blogging
• Installing the correct plugin and how to use it for SEO
• Optimising each page of your blog
• Optimising each post within your blog
• Optimising the body text of the blog posts
• Optimising images
• Optimising the URLs
• Links from other sites to yours
• Page Rank explained

Effective Blogging

• Ideas for compelling posts
• Ideas for compelling titles
• Planning posts ahead of time
• Using Social Media
• Submitting blog posts to popular directories
• Making your blog personal to you

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wordpress seo and effective blogging for wedding industry