Final wedding in KZN before moving to Jeffrey’s Bay

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My final wedding in KZN before moving to Jeffrey’s Bay was held at the Hilton Bush Lodge.  We had actually relocated to J Bay a couple weeks earlier, but I was excited about getting back to KZN and cover the wedding of Tim and Theresa.  It must be said that across the country we’ve been experiencing some interesting weather.  The rain and mist we experienced on the day did not seem to deter our couple at all.  When the bride accepts that her dress is going to get dirty early on, it sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Tim is pretty much chilled all the time, so no issues there either.  Although there isn’t anything you can do about the weather, it does offer its own challenges and certainly keeps you on your toes.  It was pretty clear that the day was all about having a good time with family and friends though.  When you’re being served shots of Patron for dessert, you know the emphasis is on having fun.

Now we’re currently settling in and looking forward to continuing our adventure and shooting weddings in the J Bay area.

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