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J Bay Family Portrait

As parents, we’re all too aware of the different social challenges our children have.  Mismanaged social media is a real threat when it comes to what is occupying our children’s time.  I love taking families on a portrait shoot and being reminded that children just want to have fun and it’s up to us to…

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Christmas family portrait session in J Bay


Christmas is associated with quality family time.  When Nanette and her family were together for Christmas for the first time in eight years, it was important to document the occasion with a family portrait session in J Bay.  Bringing four siblings together with their parents and young children is for many not an option available…

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Family Portrait in Ballito


“When are you planning your second?” is a question that gets asked now by friends (and sometimes strangers) who have more than one child.  I was hoping this line of questioning will have ended after getting married and having Saharah.  It seems we’re always playing catch up, though.  Once you’d had one the question is…

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considering a family portrait session

It’s that time of year again for your family portrait session.  The kids are growing up fast and it’s important to capture some family time with the whole family.  You’ve booked your photographer, confirmed a location and can’t wait for the session to be over.  For some a trip to the dentist would be less…

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a beautiful maternity shoot

Woman are said to be at their most radiant when they are pregnant.  It truly is a special time as the miracle of life develops within.  I remember being acutely aware when Saharah was born that she was one moment safe and secure inside her mother and the next, exposed to the world.  It is…

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Styled Maternity Shoot

A Styled Maternity Shoot – Umhlanga Photographer It is said that when a woman is pregnant she’s at her most radiant.  It’s an exciting time when a couple find out they’re expecting a little miracle.  It’s a relatively short 40 week period that your baby is nurtured inside the womb during a critical bonding time. It…

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