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Quayside Wedding in St Francis

Gareth and Faye are your proverbial Yin and Yang couple.  Gareth is calm and rational to Faye’s wild, dreamy personality.  They are both however involved in helping people achieve their goals and aspirations.  Faye works with children with learning disabilities as an educational psychologist and Gareth works as a Sports Nutritionist whose passion lies in…

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Wonderful Wedding at Hilton Bush Lodge

I’ve known Tim and Theresa for some time now, but only really got to know them when I was asked to photograph their wonderful wedding at Hilton Bush Lodge.  Actually this is somewhat of a lie.  I’ve always known Tim to be relaxed and pretty chilled.  Theresa I’ve come to learn is a very considerate,…

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Amazing Beach Wedding at the Walskipper

If I were to script a wedding, it would not be far off the amazing beach wedding at the Walskipper in J Bay that I enjoyed with Mark, Beda, their close friends and family.  These are definitely my kind of people. Mark and Beda met while doing a few ski seasons in the Italian Alps. …

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