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Baix Forada Villa Ibiza


A few shots from around Baix Forada Villa in Ibiza where I recently attended the FIND Workshop all about shooting film. Now all I want to do is shoot more and more film!

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Claire & Pawel


Claire is an amazing photographer herself and was, in fact, one of the workshop attendees. Her and her hubby, Pawel, modeled for us on the first day around the gorgeous villa Baix Forada where we were all staying. Claire is also originally from South Africa and we have been chatting online for some time now.…

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At The Beach


One evening after a day of packed information we all headed down to the beach to watch the sunset and enjoy a bit of the island. These are the “FINDERS” aka Film Is Not Dead workshop attendees and honestly such a special group of people.

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Marta & Julen


Another of the young couples I got to photograph in Ibiza during the FIND Workshop. Did I mention that we only got 8 mins maximum with each couple? Scanned by the FIND Lab

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Albert & Lucia


“Spanish Albert” {as he is affectionately known} and his lovely girlfriend Lucia… Film Is Not Dead Workshop in Ibiza

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Ibiza – Portrait Shoot


Recently I attended the FIND Ibiza aka Film Is Not Dead workshop with JONATHAN CANLAS in Ibiza no less. I loved the experience. Here are a few scans from a gorgeous young couple who modeled for us. I will be blogging more shots from the workshop in the coming days but all I can say…

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Cape on Film {part 2}


And so the love affair with my Contax 645 and film continues. More images from my trip to the Cape in December with my mom. I really and truly love shooting with this camera. There is something exciting about sending off my film to California and a couple of weeks later receiving an email to…

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Cape Town shot on Film


In December I visited South Africa and for one of the three weeks my mom and I flew down to the Cape, hired a car and proceeded to do as much touring around as we possibly could. It was only our second time visiting the Cape area and once again we where blown away. It…

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2011 A Cracker of a Year!

2011 Retrospective Travel Photos by Segerius Bruce Photography (12)

2011 was cracker of a year for Craig and I. Yes we have had a run of loosing family members and this has added a huge personal challenge to us in our first three years of business. It has been hard. We have shed many tears, however ultimately I believe it has brought us closer…

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South Beach Miami {film}


We recently traveled to South Beach Miami and I really didn’t have any expectations. The only thing I knew about Miami was gained from watching episodes of Miami Ink! Turns out it is a pretty fun place to visit. Turns out the cocktails come in 1L giant glasses. Turns out we had so much fun…

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At Lyndsey & Jame’s wedding at Notley Abbey I fired off a few frames on my new Contax 645 medium format film camera, and these are the results.

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It’s the end of the massively busy wedding season for Craig & I and tomorrow we fly across the Atlantic to Miami, Florida for the first time. From there we will be hopping over to the Turks & Caicos islands which are just north of Cuba and part of the Caribbean. I am packing only…

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I am just so happy with the results from my new Contax 645 medium format film camera. Yip, film. I haven’t shot with film since my first B-Tech photography course ten years ago. I have been in L.O.V.E with some of the amazing film-only-wedding-photographers including Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina, Leo Patrone, Polly Alexandre and Film…

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