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simple wedding on the beach


Sometimes in life we crave the simple things on offer.  Sometimes all you really want is a simple wedding on a scluded beach surrounded by family.  That is exactly what Holle and Rainer wanted when they planned their wedding in Parrot Cay.  The same can be said about their wedding photos.  They wanted uncomplicated images deviating from…

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dream destination wedding


No matter where in the world I’ve been to photograph wedding’s, they all share one common trait; a higher sense of emotion.  Some more than others, but I’m yet to attend one lacking in emotion.  It can’t be scripted and it can’t be contained.  Your emotions are true and real and when you’re sharing such…

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Marrakech Engagement


Mandy and Stephen chose Riad Magellan in Marrakech for the location to have their engagement shoot as this was a place they had visited in the past. In fact, the couple have been to Marrakech five times in total and have completely fallen in love with the place. It is easy to see why. We…

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A Wedding in Marrakech


Food, oh the food. Never have I eaten so well on a trip abroad. *I am sure of it!* Tagine after tagine… mint tea after mint tea… We have just returned to a very chilly UK after spending 6 days in Marrakech, Morocco. Sometimes I feel the need to pinch myself when I am wondering…

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I often giggle to myself when I think back to our honeymoon in Zanzibar back in 2007. You can just picture it, two newlyweds strolling along the beach, digital SLR camera’s in hand, taking time to compose the shots just right…. Ummmm not really what you would picture on a typical honeymoon is it? Then…

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Next Day Shoot in Ireland


The day after Maeve & Jame’s wedding we headed off to Glendalough for a creative wedding photography shoot. The couple are Goth’s at heart and the ancient ruins really suited the both of them. We got some great shots just before the heavens opened up and the rain poured down. Wedding Photographer Dublin Ireland I…

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Irish Eyes Are Smiling


When an excited Aoife announced to me on Skype that her sister was getting married in County Wicklow, just outside Dublin on a Monday in August and that I absolutely HAD to shoot the wedding I really couldn’t wait. I have known the Cahill family for years and grew up with them back in Durban…

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A Bride, A Horse and A Waterfall


Geba Gorge is an hour’s drive down into the center in a 4 x 4. Kabryn & David came up with the concept for this shoot as the Gorge is a place where Kabryn spends a lot of time riding her horse. We had to obtain special permission from the owner to gain access in…

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A morning at the Beach {Kabryn and David}


Due to the baking hot African sun we headed down to the beach about an hour or so after dawn for Trash The Dress style shoot with the Kabryn & David spending some quality time together and submerging themselves into the Indian Ocean. This is an intimate portrait of the couple and I feel that…

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Harvey’s Florida Rd Reception {Kabryn & David}


Designer shades, check. Limo, check. Red carpet, check! This was a reception entrance like no other. The bride and her ladies were in the white Limo and the boys with David in the black Limo. All of the guests lined the street outside Harvey’s Restaurant in Florida Road with hands full of confetti, ready to…

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Wedding in Durban – Part 1 {Kabryn and David}


Mormon wedding ceremony’s are held in temples where no photography is permitted and so the format of this wedding may seem a little unusual. Kabryn and David had flown up to Jo’berg the day before for the religious part of their wedding celebration and had therefore already seen each other in their wedding outfits. It…

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Wedding at Tala Game Reserve {Part 2}


Time was also set aside for a game drive with the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids. Wendy was particularly keen to include a giraffe in one or two of her shots. A rhino would also suffice. We did come across some rhino before too long. Unfortunately there was a calf amongst them. Approaching the rhino it became…

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Tala Game Reserve Wedding {Wendy and Greg}


Part 1 Tala Game Reserve was our first wedding at a game park and one we were looking forward to with much anticipation. As photographers, game reserves have always had a certain appeal to them. Attending a wedding at one is a luxury we were very keen to indulge in. Greg and Wendy are a…

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You & Your Wedding Magazine


Jen & Dom’s destination wedding on the island of Mauritius has been featured in the new look You & Your Wedding magazine. Miranda Eason, who is also the editor of Cosmopolitan Bride has done a fantastic job of re-designing the publication. The real weddings now feature full page images from each wedding that really show…

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