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A big thank-you to Eliza Claire for taking a few shots on Tuesday night at the Rocknrollbride Get Together. I have known Kat for some time now and it has been fantastic to see how her business has grown over the past two years. You may remember a creative shoot that we did with her a while back at the Abbey Ruins.

Charley Beard from London Bride has featured our work on her blog post: Fashion Shoot in the past and it was great to finally meet her in person.

I have to also mention my friend and teacher Julia Boggio who is running some fantastic courses in her London studio. I have attended some of them myself and would highly recommend anything given by Julia & James – a wealth of information!

I cannot stress the importance of networking with other like minded vendors in your industry. Facebook and Twitter are great for making initial contact with people, but nothing can beat meeting face to face and getting to know one another a bit better. I have many stories about how it can be a benefit to befriend other wedding photographers – it may seem a bit odd as they could be viewed as competition. We refer weddings to one another if we are already booked and were fortunate to have this happen to us recently when we booked a wedding near Cape Town through wedding photographer in South Africa.

That’s me in the first shot with the gold top on, mid conversation – explaining something very important no doubt!

To see the full article plus credits of each and every person who was there, from wedding photographers to DJ’s, bridal bloggers and wedding planners – pop over to Kat’s blog post: Rocknrollbride Get Together

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  1. monica dart on May 13, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    Hi Chanelle, it really was an awesome night and so important to bridge the gap. Everyone was so open and lovely – the way it should be.x

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