Our wedding featured on Rock My Wedding

The proverbial tables where turned on me a couple months back when the ladies over at Rock My Wedding dropped a bombshell into my inbox – they had seen some of my wedding pictures on Facebook and wanted to feature our actual wedding!

Not a wedding that we have shot (as they have featured in the past), but our real wedding in South Africa. Things got busy as we shot four winter weddings over December and January (still have one more to post on the blog) and I finally got down to the extensive Questionnaire. It was fun. I enjoyed reliving the planning of my wedding. I honestly loved every minute of it and would give anything to go back. Obviously this is due to my Dad still being around at that time and I am just so grateful that he was there to give me away. To read the full story please head on over to the Rock My Wedding blog.

The Queen Bee Of Cool……part 1

The Queen Bee Of Cool……part 2

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