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It’s the morning of The Photography Parlour Get Together and Rosie begins to draw the names out of the hat for each group, those who wanted to be in the same group as partners or friends had put both names on one piece of paper. Craig’s name was called first and when Rosie asked “Are you sure you don’t want to be in the same group as Chanelle” his answer was a resounding No. Now, some people looked at us with a slight question mark but the fact of the matter is we had spoken about this before the event. Craig said to me in passing that he thought perhaps we should shoot on our own. That was exactly what I was thinking.

We shoot together a lot. We shoot weddings together, we shoot engagement sessions together, so this was a great opportunity for us to go along and see how other photographers work. To see how other photographer direct, pose and interact with their subjects. It also meant that we forged double the amount of friendships and produced double the amount of images to show on here. As luck would have it Craig got three models that I did not shoot. There where 8 models and three chances to shoot throughout the course of the day. I got 3 unique girls to Craig. Things just worked out well overall.

This model was another one of Craig’s set from the day.


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