Cape Town… Done {Part 1}

Another feather can be smugly placed in the proverbial cap. Chanelle and I had become so used to the look of bemusement on the faces of fellow South Africans after revealing that we had never visited Cape Town, that I’m sure the contortions upon our own faces upon hearing similar news would make the most ardent Stormers supporter proud.

While living in South Africa I must admit that I rather naively did not take advantage of the fairest Cape of them all. During my time in the Air-Force I was deployed all over the country, but nowhere you might find on a tourist brochure.
Chanelle and I have always wanted to visit Cape Town and experience the mother city for ourselves.

We were warned beforehand that the weather can be temperamental. After enduring another UK winter it was all rather like telling a Bedouin Arab that the Bahamas gets rather warm. We were fortunate enough however to enjoy rather pleasant climes. Traveling home each year, Cape Town never managed to register on our radar because of the sheer logistics involved. This time however we were extremely fortunate to be offered a wedding near Hermanus at a place called Grootbos. We grabbed the opportunity with both hands and subsequently announced our good fortune to a few friends on Facebook. Once again fortune smiled upon us and one of our photographer friends who we met though Facebook and spent some time with in Mauritius where she resides, Jean Garrett, offered us the use of her family holiday home in Kleinmond. Jean also shoots weddings in the Cape when visiting friends and family.

There are basically two ways to and from Cape Town from Kleinmond. You can either travel along the coastal road and take the road onto the N2 from Gordon’s Bay or you can get straight onto the N2 from Kleinmond and go over Sir Lowry’s Pass. The N2 is faster and coming down Sir Lowry’s Pass is rather pleasing to the eye, but personally I preferred the coastal road, which really does hug the coastline. I was quite surprised with how barren much of the coastal region was, with a few elegant houses dotted amongst boulder-laden landscapes.
– Craig

Photos seen here are of the False Bay Area, including Boulders Bay where you can view the Penguins living in the wild. Images by Craig & Chanelle

False Bay Simon's Town Cape South Africa
Cape South Africa False Bay
False Bay Cape Town South Africa
False Bay Cape Town South Africa
False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Simon's Town, False Bay, South Africa
False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
The Brass Bell, False Bay, Cape Town
The Brass Bell, False Bay, South Africa
False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
False Bay, Boulders Bay, Cape Town
Boulders Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Penguins Bolders Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
boulders bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Boulders Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Boulders Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Boulders Bay Penguins Cape South Africa
Penguin Boulders Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
South African People, Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa

  1. Eddette Steynberg on May 5, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    Love the images, Craig!

    My husband and I went back to visit Cape Town this December. We also had the same problems previously – logistics! We only go back to SA once every 1.5 years, and want to spend it with family in Pretoria. Saying that – we loved every second. What a gorgeous place.

  2. Beth on May 9, 2010 at 2:33 am

    What a beautiful place!

  3. Roy Newman on January 6, 2011 at 7:27 am

    Beautiful Photography!!! Need I say More?
    I live in a beautiful place and fantastic people.
    Thank you

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