They grow up so fast

baby-family-photographer-umhlaga-0007They grow up so fast – Durban Baby Photographer

Children grow so quickly, one minute a baby and the next, a teenager! A regular family photoshoot is a must to capture your family memories along the way.  My step-sister Shireen , a mom of 3 boys, firmly believes that an annual family photoshoot is not negotiable.  Each year they choose an outdoor venue and it’s a fun, relaxed session capturing beautiful pictures. “Life goes by so fast, without those photos on our family wall, so many memories would be just that – memories”.

As a new mom and a photographer, I know that my favourite subject is my little girl!  Even now when I look at the past 2 years worth of photos I cannot believe how quickly and how much she has changed in such a short time.  Those pictures tell a story that would otherwise be lost in time and memory.

This stunning family shoot featured here is a wonderful showcase of what we, at Segerius-Bruce Photography, aim to achieve for you.  Precious moments captured in a relaxed setting where you and your family are most comfortable and happy.

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