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Bride and Groom poses

As a photographer do you ever get stuck with how to pose the bride and groom? After your 20th wedding of the year it can be hard to come up with something original to do at every event. I believe that being consistent in your work is key, so I am not suggesting crazy, new…

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Whoops, forgot to sync cameras!


I am sure you photographers out there have all done this before. Shooting with more than one camera body or having a second shooter means that we should all sync our camera dates and times BEFORE the wedding. Unfortunately sometimes, as we are all human, we forget. Not to worry – Photomechanic (my favourite for…

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Top 50 Wedding Photography Blogs

This morning I had a lovely email in my inbox that came in from the otherside of the pond in the States. It informed us that we are in the Top Ten of the “Top 50 Wedding Photography Blogs.” I clicked through and had a look. What an honor to be alongside some of the…

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